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October 12, 2012

Copper Herringbone Hoop Earrings

I made two different versions of copper hoops this past weekend.  Both pairs incorporate some gorgeous, but dark, faceted garnet rounds that I have several strands of.

The first pair has a simple wrap around the stone to highlight it and keep it in place.  They are more oval than round.  Very simple and more petite than the hoops I made earlier in the week.

Once I made those, I had to make another pair with herringbone wraps.  I love the way a couple of rounds of herringbone weave highlights a stone.  So simple and so pretty.

I may oxidize these too - but the darker stone doesn't cry out for it quite as much as the moonstone in my last pair of hoops did.  I changed the clasp on the earrings so instead of a closed circle, it has a small piece nipped out so you just hook the wire in.  It seems to make it easier to put the earrings on without distorting the hoop shape.

My next version, I will probably do away with the closure on the back altogether and use a straight post with  an earring back.  It seems like they will be easier to put on and keep their shape better.  Hopefully, I will have time this weekend to work on it. (and won't get distracted by something else I want to try - which happens a lot!!)


  1. These are great, Lisa! Your wire skills are amazing!

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    1. I do!! It is I link to most of my blog posts from there - and I will also link my etsy shop once I get a few more things in there! My shop is