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November 08, 2012

Custom Wire Wrapped Earwires with Gemstones

Copper  custom made earwires with garnet gemstones

I make a lot of earrings lately.  It used to be my nemesis.  I could never seem to make them look the same - they weren't the same length or stones that I thought matched weren't really the same color, shape or size.  I have many pendants that resulted from this learning curve.

Now, earrings are one of my favorite things to make.  I consider them instant gratification jewelry making.  Of course, I had to overcome the hurdles I just described - but what they say is true - with the right tools you can conquer anything!!

OK - I meant "Practice makes perfect", but it's so cliche.  And the thing that really did help is having the right tools.  I wrote an article about the tools you need to make gemstone earrings that match every time on Rena Klingenberg's Jewelry Making Journal site.

Antique copper earwires with faceted moonstone.
One of the things that can really differentiate your earrings is the earwires you use.  The basic french hooks and leverbacks are great for most things - but I love when my earwires are part of the jewelry.  Recently, I have been making lots of earrings - and therefore lots of earwires.  In fact, I've made so many earwires and drops, I've probably gone a little off the deep end!

I particularly like the style in these pictures.  I can use almost any stone and then I add dangles (one or many) to the earwires.  It really lets people recognize that I make one of a kind handcrafted jewelry.    Right now, I've made so many of these earwires, that I've listed some in my etsy shop (including all of the ones pictures here).

My favorite!  Antique copper with citrine custom ear wires!
I also make them in silver with gemstones or wrap the gemstones to lever back ear wires.  I will post them another day.


  1. Those are some gorgeous earwires! You should create a tutorial!

    1. Why thank you! I love making custom ear wires like these as well as other findings that I hope to do some blogging about this year. That's a great idea to make a tutorial. I will work on that!

  2. just a question I love the antiqued copper earwires you make --- do you find they bother peoples ears ? I would like to make some but I'm holding back to find out if they are bothersome to some people

    1. Yes - they will bother some people's ears. I can't wear them for more than a day or they can turn my ear holes dark (just like wearing a ring and getting it wet will turn my finger green). You can add a sealer to the earwire, but it will eventually wear off.