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November 27, 2012

My New Craft Workshop (Woman Cave)

Let the men have their man caves!

I have been busy the past 3 weeks or so carving out my own little workshop space in our garage.  I have recently become absolutely overcome by the vast amount of beads and craft supplies - and they needed to start moving out of the house.  Or at least out of the main living area!  I also needed my dining room table for Thanksgiving (and Christmas is around the corner).  And dare I even mention that the garage has been accumulating stuff for the past 15 years!

It has been quite a task.  There was no lighting, it was disorganized, the black widow spiders had made nests in a few corners - I don't even like to think about it.

 I wish I had a better picture - but here is one of my freshly pained workbench.  It is still pretty disorganized - but I am continuing to work on it.  It is nice to have a place to call my own - finally!

I have also been busy with some home jewelry parties and donating items for various auctions.  I should have time to post some pictures of the jewelry I have been working on tomorrow.


  1. Nice to have the table accessible from both sides. I just messed up TWO tables that were completely clear, dumped everything out of my bags and boxes from the market looking for my daisy spacers, and then finally found them on yet another table -- I hadn't even taken them to the market. Okay, how long will it take you to mess it up? Inquiring minds would like to know. ;-P

  2. You are doing a great work for charities. You working place is awesome and perfect for work. I suggest you to save your tools in tool box with which you can find them on time.

  3. Love your new space!

    Heather's Haven