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January 11, 2013

Setting Up Shop on Etsy with Paypal

One of my goal's last year was to start selling my jewelry online - not just at craft shows and jewelry parties like I have been doing.  I set up my Etsy shop NotaMona and I'm happy to say that I have had quite a few sales. (Yay!)

Copper and Citrine Ear Wire Findings

This year, my goal is to expand my online sales to include jewelry supplies, findings, and who knows, maybe tutorials.  One of the great things that came from my focused effort on jewelry making last year is
that I learned that I really enjoy making jewelry components like ear wires, clasps, pendants, dangles, focals, chains, etc as much as I enjoy assembling and creating the jewelry.  Honestly, I may enjoy making components even more!

Copper Earwires with Dyed Blue Pearl

So, with that in mind, I decided I really need a second Etsy shop to sell handmade jewelry components.  Today, Lisa Yang Jewelry, the handcrafted findings shop is set up!  There's only one pair of ear wires in there so far (the copper and citrine ones above) - but more to come!  The blue pearl ear wires were a custom order I made previously on Etsy.  They came out amazing!

But, that's not really the main point of this post.  

When I was setting up the second shop, I assumed I would need to set up a second PayPal account for it.  I was pleasantly surprised that wasn't the case!  PayPal is more clever than I gave them credit for...  Did you know that you can link one PayPal account to as many as 8 different email addresses.  Each of those email addresses can reflect a separate online business.  So my eBay account, my two Etsy stores, and anything else I set up in the future (ArtFire?), can all share the same PayPal account - and I can differentiate the payments by the email that received them.  I'm impressed.  It really  made the setup much easier than I thought it would be.

I hope this information helps you if you find that you need more than one shop and was wondering how to set up PayPal to work with it.  Let me know if you have any other online selling tips that I should know about!


  1. Very cool, Lisa! That's great that you've found something like that that you love to do. I haven't really mastered findings yet, so I still buy them from the store :P I will have to check your shop out! Thanks for the tip on PayPal, too.

  2. Hi Rose - Thanks for stopping by. It does take a while to decide what you really enjoy making, and just when you've got it figured out... it changes! Well, not always, but that happens to me sometimes - lol.

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog! Your findings are gorgeous. Best of luck with your new shop! I