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December 09, 2013

Handmade Earwires with Gemstone Beads

This weekend was about making earring findings - lots and lots of ear wires with gemstone or glass beads.  The designs are all similar, a bead with a wire frame, but they also vary slightly as I tried my hand at different techniques for making them.

I also made some simple earrings, french hooks with a gemstone bead.  These ones are ready to wear.

I used blue goldstone beads.  I had to look up goldstone to find out that it is a man-made stone - which is a nice way to say it is glass.  But it is so pretty when the light catches the layers of sparkles!   I hope you can see them in the pictures.

These are great everyday earrings in my book - or a classic look if you work in an office.  Understated elegance. I made an extra pair for me.

The french hook with the bottom loops are meant to have a dangle of some sort - what I'm not sure yet.  These are also glass beads - opaque amethyst with an unusual dust of gold shimmer.

Most of the ear wires are made with jeweler's red brass wire - which looks like gold.  I've had it kicking around in my wire bin for a long time, and I guess it finally worked it's way to the top of the pile.   I really like the temper and color of the red brass.  It's not the same as the brass wire you get at the hardware store - since it has a color that is more golden and, well, less brassy. ;)

The silver ear wires are sterling silver filled.  It was a productive day.  I'm hoping to finish these into earrings this week.


  1. I love these! Are you going to post a tutorial for them? Please!

    1. Sure - I can do that. As soon as I can remember (kidding!). Maybe this weekend. Thanks for asking.

    2. PLEASE post a tutorial on these, they are super cute!! Thanks in advance!

  2. YES ***PLEASE*** A tutorial would be fantastic.
    These are beautiful little earrings.
    I would love to know how to make them.
    (((HUGS))) Halina in Australia