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August 21, 2014

Two Brick Stitch Pendant Variations

Ases Style Brick Stitch Pendants DIY

Variety is the spice of life

If I like a piece of jewelry that I've made, I'm rarely content with just letting it be.  I will almost always make it again, with some slight twist.

If I like the colors I've used previously, I'll vary the shape.

If I like the technique, I'll vary the size or color.

It's all about experimenting and the natural evolution of a design.  If you've ever got a creative block,

I highly recommend this design approach.

Today's eye candy is the same stitch technique (design) as the Miguel Ases style brick stitch bling earrings I made in my last post.

The Devil is in the Details

Free instructions to make Ases Style Bling Earrings: Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog

So, here's the jumping off point.  I adore these earrings, but I wanted more of a drop shape and less of an oval.

Free instructions to make Ases Style Bling Earrings: Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog

I added a round bead on top of the crystal to draw it up a little.  I may try this one more time with an additional round, rondelle, or maybe even a bi-cone, to make it even more drop shaped - but for now, this works.

Miguel Ases Style beading instructions, DIY, Tutorials Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog

This next variation uses a faceted flat center bead.  I love, love, love these glass opalite beads. I guess it's the glass equivalent of moonstone - just enough flash.  This is from a strand of assorted faceted shapes.  Sooooo pretty!  I plan to make more of these in the future.

I was afraid the brick stitch base might slip off the edges of the flat bead - but so far, this is very secure.  If I decide to sell something like this, I'm pretty sure I will add a drop of  crazy glue just in case.  (And yes, I will be selling something very much like this... Keep reading!!)

I love how different these pendants look with the light shining through them too.

In Other News

I am almost ready to re-open my Etsy store NotaMona.  Any day now, it will be stocked with lovely new items - a combination of beading and some wire work jewelry.  I'd love it if you favorite my store so my new items show up in your Etsy feed.

Not sure how to do that?  Click the link to navigate to my store and then click the Favorite Shop button in the top left under my shop name.  The heart icon will turn red.

This will be my first year selling jewelry that I will have enough inventory to do my holiday home jewelry shows AND have my Etsy store open.  Isn't that exciting?!

I think so.

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