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September 25, 2014

8 Signs of a Bead Collector or Hoarder: Self Assessment

Every day, I read posts on social media about friends on a bead diet or sitting on the naughty step for buying more beads or supplies.

Having just spent the last 2 weeks organizing my work space, I have revelations about the vast quantity of beads, tools and supplies I have amassed.

With that in mind, here's my list to help you identify whether your are on your way to collecting and possibly even hoarding beads/supplies. *

8 Signs of a Bead Collector or Hoarder (click to enlarge)

8 signs of a bead collector or hoarder: self assessment from Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog

And my results are in

This is a self assessment.  Right now, I'm a total collector, but I am well on my way to hoarding.  Luckily, I've been strong enough to stage my own intervention.  

I'm spending time on the naughty step and trying to slim down by forcing myself to share my wonderful beads and create using only the goodies that I have.  I'm also organizing my supplies better so I can actually find everything.

* This is not meant to be taken personally or seriously.  These are related to my own behavior.  Your collecting and hoarding activities may vary.  But if I missed something, please let me know!!

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  1. Well, I sell beads, so I have quite a stash. But when I get strands that are too short, have chipped holes, the beads aren't of acceptable quality for my store, etc., I throw them in a bin for me to use in my own jewelry.

    I bought an expensive drawer organizer and put most of my beads in there in little Darice containers. I still have a couple sterilite tubs of bead strands I'm hoarding, but I have no idea how to organize them.

    I bought some awesome strands at Tucson this year for my store, but somehow they never made it there. They're still tucked away in their plastic envelope, and I pick them up from time to time, waiting for inspiration.

    I definitely like collecting beads more than working with them.

    1. I have thought about selling beads, but I know that would be a disaster - 1 for you, 20 for me...

  2. I took the test and I've definitely gone pay collecting. But you know, my husband has fishing rods that never get wet, musical instruments that don't get played, a motorcycle he never rides. ......etc...... At least I pull out my beads and fondle them! And they are so pretty and sparkling!

  3. I began buying beads seriously at least as early as 1989. A friend brought me a pretty necklace of madeira-colored citrine chips from a street crafts market in NYC and I had to find where to get more. When I spotted leopardskin jasper I was done for, and I bought several periodicals like Lapidary Journal to get addresses and request catalogs from the few retail suppliers (nothing like today!) Gem and rock shows really expanded my knowledge, and I could see the stones and learn from the vendors. If I had extra money, I put it into beads and gem materials. My stash grew slowly and erratically. But now as I excavate it to re-organize, I am so glad that I bought (and kept) what I did. Some of it is no longer available or beyond my budget. Most of it has interesting stories, even the mistakes.

    I let other things interfere with jewelry-making for years and did slide into being a collector/hoarder. But a wire whisperer friend introduced me to her work in metals and opened up a whole new world. I learned that I didn’t need to use up my best lapis and chrysocolla beads in a single necklace but could highlight them in a lot of different ways with wire. I’ve already tried Lisa’s herringbone wire wrap and see how this technique will become one of my basics. But the best thing is finding such a supportive community online who are willing to share their expertise and hard work. Thank you!

    1. Your story reminds me a lot of my own. I also have some beads that I don't think I could find today or afford, but my mentality sometimes leans more towards acquiring more of those and not making jewelry to sell. And since I keep switching mediums, wire, weaving, etc. my collection has grown tremendously in the past year. I need to create and then go back to collecting (otherwise, I've moved into hoarding!)