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October 14, 2014

Easy To Make Button Clasp Focal, DIY

Don't push my buttons

I don't often use buttons in my jewelry.  Not because I don't have any.  

Of course, I have jars of them - vintage and new. 
I've always thought I might use them as molds, or stamps, or closures on leather bracelets.

Today, I finally used one to design a simple clasp and focal.

The button is nothing fancy - from Joann Fabric and Craft Store.  They cost $2.50 for two one inch buttons or the same price for one 1 1/2 inch button - and that's without the 40% coupon they always offer.

I wanted to make a clasp that can be used as a focal, so I didn't want it's function as a clasp to be obvious.  Here's what I came up with.

From the front, I think it looks like a nice focal - possibly shell, although it's nice shimmery plastic.  This is the 1.5 inch button.

On the back is a simple hook I made of 16g jeweler's red brass.  I tried to give it a little bend so it  aligns with the cut outs and is less obvious from the front.  The hook is hammered to flatten it and harden the metal.  I did not hammer the center where it is wired to the button, but hammered on either side.

I marked the center of the wire where it would be threaded to the button and added a coil of wire before I wired on the button.  All of this was to make sure the button had something to grip and wouldn't move in any direction on the wire - either sliding up and down or twisting side to side.

All done and ready for a necklace - or a bracelet I guess.  I hope you like the design.

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  1. What a simple but great idea!! I will share this tip in a future post!!

  2. Great idea, thanks for sharing

  3. Lovely idea for large buttons. I work at the National Pearl Button Museum and make jewelry for our Gift Shop. This is a wonderful way to make one large button a focal point. Thank you!