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October 24, 2014

Flower Wire Wrapped Gemstone Ring

Ring around the Collar

I warned you that I really like to make wire rings, right?  And hopefully, you've also determined that I like flower motifs?

So, today's project shouldn't be much of a surprise.

Yes, it's another variation of the wire wrap briolette ring I made earlier in the week - with a bead surround to make it like a flower.

Cute moonstone and black agate flower shaped ring - looks easy to make

And I've got to say, I'm liking it.

Here's the side view.

Flower shaped gemstone wire wrapped ring, DIY

The materials I used were 24g soft sterling silver wire, a 6x8mm smooth rainbow moonstone top drilled briolette and 2mm smooth round black agate beads.

Flower shaped gemstone wire wrapped ring: Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog

You'll never believe what the most challenging part of this ring design was.  

Not wrapping the wires, not holding it all together while wrapping the wires - It was finding the darn hole in the 2mm smooth round black beads!  OMG!  

Next time, I'm trying faceted beads.  Between them rolling out from under the wire, shooting off the bead board, being too tiny to hold, rolling them around to find the hole.  Aggghhhh!

Sweet flower ring with moonstone and black agate with instructions

I'm mildly displeased with the little gap where the wires cross to hold the beads snug.  Wearing the ring, it's much less obvious, but I may have to try making another to see if I can minimize that.

As for directions, follow this great ring tutorial at Lytha Studios, and add the beads on the first wrap around the stone and pull tight.  The beads are secure when the wire crosses over itself to complete the first wrap.

Flower Wire Wrapped Gemstone Ring: At Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog - lots of tutorials and jewelry ideas.

I really need to get a picture of this type of ring when it is stacked with other silver rings.  It looks so nice with a couple of bands surrounding it.  Next time...

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I'm thinking an appropriate giveaway will be a serving of bead soup and maybe a few handmade surprises.  I guess I don't have to worry about it until I get closer though.


  1. Sweet little ring Lisa, I know what you mean about small smooth black beads but it looks great!

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