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November 18, 2014

Convertible Necklace Design: Wear It Long or Short

Two is Better Than One

As a jewelry maker, I like to think that I am not in competition with mass market jewelry companies like Avon, Silpada, Cookie Lee and Lia Sophia (to name a few).  

I've been to my share of home jewelry parties for the brands previously mentioned - and one thing I've noticed these brands often do, is to make their jewelry convertible.

A multi-strand necklace might include a detachable bracelet or the 21 inch necklace can also become a triple wrap bracelet.  I've watched the party goers eat up these sales pitches on the versatility of a design.

So, when it makes sense, I try to adopt the same concept.  

Take this necklace for example.  It is 35 inches of hand wire wrapped luscious peacock pearls with a gold dipped druzy agate pendant.

The pendant hangs on a standard 6mm jump ring.  But if you look close, there's also a small 6mm spring ring clasp at the back of the necklace.  

Using the spring ring clasp and jump ring, the necklace easily converts to a 17 inch double strand with the same fabulous pendant.

I've seen similar convertible necklaces that use a toggle clasp instead of a spring ring - but it stands out in the design a little more.  I like that the spring ring is very subtle and doesn't draw your attention to the clasp.  But, for other designs, a different clasp might be more appropriate.

So, even though I think my jewelry is very different from the mass market brands - I try to look for the tricks that they use to sell their jewelry effectively and incorporate it when I can.

If the pendant on this necklace were a little smaller, it could also be moved to the back and there could be a third option of just the doubled up pearl necklace. 

I sell almost all of my jewelry at home parties, so it's really important for me to be able to stand out from the mass market but also have items that can impress the same way.

Have you learned any tricks from the home jewelry party vendors that you want to share - or have a convertible design that is successful for you?  Please share it in the comments.


  1. Verrry nifty, using that little clasp. I've experimented with adjustable jewellery and it always ended up looking kinda clunky and awkward. This is very subtle. Thanks, Lisa.


    1. Thanks Barbara. I do like that it's not as obvious as using a toggle clasp or hook and eye, but they all have their place in jewelry design. For this particular necklace, the simple spring ring works really well.