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March 05, 2015

Brick Stitch Baseball Pattern

Take me out to the ballgame

Yes!  It's that time of the year.  Baseball (and softball) season is finally here! 

It's the high school season that I'm all jazzed up for. There's nothing better than sitting my butt on a bleacher seat where it's guaranteed to be either too cold, too hot, too windy, or too sunny and watching your kids do what they love. (yup - totally serious!)

I always want some fan gear for the games - and jewelry is more my style than the team emblazoned t-shirts, so this year I decided to make a little something-something.

It's still a work in-progress, so no laughing.  And to be fair, I wouldn't have had to resort to figuring out how to make this if someone else had published a pattern for me to find on the internet.

Ta Da!  It does look like a baseball right?  Well, here's the pattern  - which I did on free bead graph paper from Fusion Beads.

I did the prototype baseball in brick stitch, even though the next one will probably be a square done in peyote stitch. If you're wondering why I used brick stitch for the first one, I felt like it was easier to modify the shape and change it if I needed to - since brick has a pretty simple increase and decrease on a row by row basis.

I'll need a little bit of re-work to the design to move it to peyote.  Well, if you have any improvement advice, I'm open to suggestions.  This is my first gridded pattern after all.

Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks

I've also been working on the tutorial for these bead dazzling hoop earrings.  I'll add the link to the project instructions as soon as it's ready.  What I really like about this design is how simple and how versatile it is.

Just changing the metal and the beads, can really change the overall look.  

Hoops are so classic and always in style.

At the old ballgame

My goal of getting to 500 page likes on my Lisa Yang Jewelry Facebook page is nudging closer.  I'm at 446 now.  

I've definitely decided to do a give away once I get there.  I'm putting some goodies aside as I find things that would be fun.  

So far, I have some handmade hook and eye clasps and S clasps that I think you might like.  They're part of a fancy handmade clasps tutorial that I'm working on. 

You won't have to like my page to win either - but I won't be doing the give away until after I hit my goal of 500 likes.  

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