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September 16, 2015

How to Make Gemstone Bead Pendants With Artistic Wire Wrappers

Using Artistic Wire Wrapper Components

This weekend, I was playing with the Wrappers wire frames from Beadalon again. If you've never heard of Artistic Wire Wrappers, they are jewelry pendant frames with notches in the edges to securely hold the wire wraps in place.

Honestly, I didn't think it was much of a big deal until I realized how difficult it is to make some wire and bead pendant styles without the notches.

Round Artistic Wire Wrappers Pendant

Take this round lapis lazuli and pearl pendant, for example. Without the notches on the outside of the Beadalon Wrappers 28 mm Frame, the wire wrapping that I used to add the beads would slide up or down on the frame.

The only way to prevent that from happening is to make a coil wire wrap around the entire frame so the wire that holds the gemstone beads are kept in place.

Not only is that a lot of work, it also changes the look of the pendant entirely! I really like that I can make a pendant without doing all of that wire coiling.

Wire Wrapping Un-Drilled Stones

My first project using a wrapper component was to make a pendant with an undrilled polished stone.

This project is using 24g wire to hold the stone inside the hexagon shape wrapper frame.

Generally, wire wrapping undrilled stones takes a bit of work and has a more rustic look, like these twisted wire pendants. I really like the polished look and how easy it was to wrap the unpolished stone using a wrapper frame.

Pear Shape Wrapper Mosaic Bead Pendant

I also made a gemstone and crystal bead mosaic style pendant using the pear shaped Wrapper frame.  It's on the smaller side, but I really like the  pear (or to me, teardrop) shape. I'm writing a free tutorial for the mosaic pear pendant now - just click on the link to view it.

For this mosaic pendant, I use 26g silver wire to add the gemstone beads. That is what fits through the smaller gemstone holes best.

I love my last mosaic style project - these drop shaped mosaic gemstone earrings.  As you can see, they had the same issue I mentioned earlier.  In order to keep the beads in place on the hammered wire frame, I had to coil wire around the edge. It was really nice (and a big time saver) not to have to do that when using the wrapper frame.

I have a couple of more projects in mind - and a few more shapes and sizes of wrappers to try.  I think this heart shaped wrapper frame will be an interesting one to try next.

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* I have to add that I received these Artistic Wire Wrapper frames free of charge from Beadalon to try - but I am not obligated to write about them or to say anything nice about them.  As a matter of fact, I let them languish in a box for far too long without realizing what a great product they are.


  1. As a jewelry artist and silversmith, I must say I really enjoy your lessons. No matter how good (we/i) think we are is a beautifully humbling experience to see someone freely giving lessons and guidance on line. I came upon your site as I had forgotten some very basic concepts. Commissioned to make some basic non drilledd stone wire wrapped pendants and teach the class OMG my mind went blank. Then I found you, stomped my ego down to size, with all the other things that one might feel when they THINK they know it all best, which takes the joy out of all the wonders of being artistic,i bawled like a baby wiped my tears and went straight back to the beginning. In all matters. So I owe you a debt of gratitude for not just your teaching skills and so on, but you do it with such grace and obvious love..... I've been able to just be my self (no ego, no better than you attitude etc.) Which has tripled my business, my love of creating, and now giving FREE classes once a month. So thank you for just being you, for loving what you do and maybe unknowingly bringing a few of us back into the fold of LOVING what we do just because. Opening the door to learning so much, even the simplest of things. Thank you so very much.

    1. Wow! What an amazing comment to stumble across. I am humbled and grateful and most of all, happy that I could be of help to you and anyone else who visits my blog.