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August 17, 2021

Best Short Macramé Plant Hanger Instructions with Beads and Bling

 OK - I get it. Not everyone is into macramé plant hanger instructions right now.  But I am though - and my backyard is beginning to look awesome!!  More news is that I'm doing the front of the house next...

Best Short Macrame Plant Hanger with Beads Instructions

Today's project is for a similar design as my last macramé plant hanger project - but I added some beads and necklace charms to bling it out a little.  It is also shorter than the last one.

It uses square, half square and gathering knots. I used 4 mm cotton cord from the local craft store BUT I also used eight round wooden beads and some cool necklace pendants that I happen to have some extra of.

This time, I made the inside holding cord shorter and the outer working cord longer so there wouldn't be much waste. I was able to use the long cut off pieces from my last plant hanger project for the inside cords, so that worked out well!

The cord measurements I used were four pieces 7 feet long for the holding cords and four pieces about 16 feet long for the working cords.  

The wood beads are 20 mm rounds in a natural color from this bag I got at Michael's.

Wood Beads for Macrame

A tip about adding the cords when you are using different lengths - just alternate them when you add them to the ring.  I added all of the longer working cords first and made sure they were lined up and then added the shorter holding cords in between them.

A tip about adding the beads - because I tie the holding cords to another cord to keep them taut it is easier for me to add the beads before I start knotting that leg. That way I don't have to untie the leg, add the beads, re-secure it, tie knots, untie, add beads, etc.

The first knot after the ring is a wrap knot with about ten wraps. Then I separate the cords into groups of two long outer working cords and two shorter inner holding cords.  Secure the inner cords so they stay taut.

Best Short Macrame Plant Hanger with Beads Instructions

The first section is made up of 10 square knots.  Note that I occasionally tie one more or less so all of the legs of the plant hanger are even. Sometimes, the tension is off and you need to make small adjustments.

Add a wood bead to the two center holding cords and slide under the last knot. Tie 15 half square knots

Add a wood bead to the two center holding cords. Tie 15 square knots or as many to get the length you'd like.  If you follow my cord measurements, you don't have room to add many more knots without making a shorter tassel.

Best Short Macrame Plant Hanger with Beads Instructions

Repeat with each group of 4 cords, so that means three more times.

Drop 3 inches and take two cords from the left leg and two from the right leg to make the next set of knots. Also, add the pendant to the left side of the working cord before tying the first knot. Adjust it to lay in the middle of the two working cords as you add the second half of a square knot around it. Add two more square knots.

Adding Pendants to Macrame Plant Hanger

Here's a close up of the pendant, to get a better idea of how it is attached. It's a loop large enough for one cord to go through.

Flower Pendant Back

And a view from the side.

Flower Pendant side

Drop 3 inches and add three more square knots with alternate cords to finish the plant basket.

Add a wrap knot of about 7 or more wraps. I was running short of cord for the tassels, so I purposely kept it a little short. I cut the tassel to 7 inches to match the longest cord of the group.

The total length of the finished plant hanger is 22 inches to the end of the pot and 31 inches to the end of the tassel.

Best Short Macrame Plant Hanger Instructions

I think the back yard is good for now, but I will be making a couple of more plant hanger designs for the front of the house. I also have grand plans for a macramé head board for my bead - but who knows when I'll get to that.

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