Wire Wrapping a Top Drilled Bead Pendant [Book Excerpt]

Top drilled drop shape beads and briolette beads make eye catching additions to your handmade wire jewelry creations. Unfortunately, top drilled drop beads can also be challenging to wire wrap, especially for beginners. 

There are a variety of techniques and which one is best for you to use will depend on the size of the drop, the size of the drill hole, what wire you are using, how you plan to use the drop and also how experienced you are with wire wrapping. 

This post will share a technique I often use to wrap top drilled drop beads. I think it is especially easy for beginning wire wrappers. It is an excerpt from my new book Wire Wrap Jewelry Making for Beginners that is available now for purchase on Amazon and some other retailers such as ParaWire.

The following images are copyrighted material and are for your personal use learning the technique and as a preview of my new book. Clicking on the photo may enlarge it on some screens.

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Text © 2022 Callisto Media

Here's a couple of additional tips to using this technique to wire wrap drop beads.

When you are working with a larger sized drop bead, you may want to use a thicker chain and therefore need a slightly bigger loop. To make a pendant that will fit on larger chains, use the 4mm sized mandrel on the six step pliers. It is the 3rd smallest sized barrel.

To make drops that can attach to earring wires, you may need the loop with the opening facing forward so you can slide it onto an earring wire. Make the loop following the instructions above and gently twist the loop 1/4 turn when you are done. I find this is easiest to do when the loop is on the pliers. It keeps the two wires aligned. Twist gently and grasp the wire above the bead to avoid cracking the tip off.


  1. Just wanted to say, I ordered the paper copy of your book and it came yesterday and I think it is at the perfect level for my actual skill set, including addressing a number of issues I often have when working with wire. I stopped writing Amazon reviews about 5 years ago for various reasons but wanted you to know that I do appreciate the book a lot!

    1. That is so great to hear! Thank you for letting me know. I found it really challenging to write what I hoped would be a true wire jewelry beginner's book that I thought might also help people who may have a little more familiarity with jewelry making. The tips for common issues was what I hoped might resonate with makers with a little more experience while also helping a new jewelry maker avoid common frustrations.