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February 16, 2023

DIY Plain Thin Round Wire Hoop Earrings

These instructions to make your own simple wire hoops are going to be an absolute favorite. You can make small huggie style wire hoops as well as dramatic larger thin wire hoops. 

Thin Round Wire Hoop Earrings with Bead Dangles

And these hoops can be embellished with removable beaded headpin style drops or decorated by wrapping with wire and beads. It's all up to you.  

*I will be adding a video tutorial to this post soon - so check back if you find that helpful.

Wire jewelry making tools

To get started making your own wire hoop earrings, you will need the following materials:
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Making a simple loop with wire on the spool

I like to make my wire hoops by working directly off the spool of wire. I just find there is less waste that way. Straighten the end of the wire, and make an open loop on the end.

Centered open wire loop

I like to leave my loop open so it is easy to hook the earring closed, but you can also make a regular centered loop and cut off a piece later if you want to.

Making a wire hoop earring

Place the wire loop on the mandrel, and pressing the wire against the shape, wrap one full turn around. 

Wrapping wire around mandrel pliers

With the 3 barrel pliers, I hold the wire in the jaws and press the wire around the barrel.

Cutting wire hoop to size

Trim the wire where it overlaps with the base of the loop.

Hammering thin DIY Wire hoop to harden

If you have a steel bench block and hammer, it will help the earring keep the round shape better if you hammer around the curve to work harden the wire. 

You can also choose to flatten the hoops to make them more decorative or give you an edge to wrap wire to. Since I am using craft wire, I hammer gently to avoid scratching the wire coating.

Reshaping the wire hoop after hammering

After hammering, I recommend putting the wire back on the mandrel and making sure the shape is still round. Hammering has a way of tweaking the shape a little.

Bending the ear wire up on hoop

I like to push the cut wire on the side away from the loop opening. Then I file the end smooth using a rough grit nail file and working my way to smoother buffing nail files. Use the chain nose pliers to bend the edge of the wire up about 90 degrees.

Trimming the catch on DIY wire hoop earrings

As I mentioned earlier, I like to make a catch for the wire end rather than a closed loop. I trim the loop so it is only 3/4 closed.

How to open and close thin wire hoop earrings

I have found one of the most important factors for the hoops keeping their round shape is to not pull the front of hoop away from the back to open it. Rather I open mine the same way I open jump rings, by twisting the two sides apart. If you put on the earrings by twisting the wire way from the loop opening, after you put the earrings on, there will be enough tension in the wire to keep them latched closed.

DIY wire hoop earrings with and without a pearl dangle

I like to add simple bead dangles to these hoops or use the small ones instead of hook ear wires.

DIY wire hoop earrings with pearl dangles and spacer beads

If you are adding spacer beads to the wire hoop, add them before you bend the wire that goes through your ear. Some beads won't be able to go over the bend in the wire.

Lisa Yang Jewelry selfie with DIY Wire hoop earrings

And here's a selfie of me enjoying my new petite wire hoop earrings with white freshwater pearl dangles.  

The best part of these wire hoops is that I think they will be earrings that you can leave in and forget about them. I usually take off all my jewelry (except bracelets) every night. Might be nice just to leave some in once in a while.


  1. Lisa this was so very helpful. I recently saw I could purchase similar earrings but the the loop was closed. I am always torn between purchase or making my own, primarily a time thing and never think myself stuff is as good. No I still have yet to take the plunge to sell except to family & friends sporadically. I am going to try your technique. Also I have your new book and love it!!!!!!!!

    1. I've made these hoops before for my daughter, but also buy a lot of my findings. I think my latest 'a-ha' moment was how to open and close the hoops to the side like a jump ring rather than pulling them which was changing the shape. Once I realized that, I felt much better making these hoops.