Free Tutorial: Wire Heart Clasp

Wire Heart Clasp

As promised, here is a tutorial to make the heart clasp from my infinity link bracelet.

I think this is a beginner project, but it may take you several tries to get the heart to be the size and shape you want.

My advice is to not sweat it and make several until you are happy with them.

You will always find a project that needs a little love, so make a few extras!

Free Tutorial: Wire Infinity Link Chain Bracelet

Free Tutorial for Infinity Link Chain Bracelet at Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog

Infinite Love Bracelet

Infinity shapes are very popular in jewelry lately - and this chain is easy and quick to make.  It's also great practice to learn to make consistent size and shape loops.

I added a quick heart shaped clasp because Valentine's Day is on my mind this time of the year. It also gave me the opportunity to give it a really sappy name like Infinite Love.

There is a free tutorial to make the clasp too.

If you like this design, see my Infinity Bracelet with Beads.

Simple Wire Heart Ring Free Tutorial

I hope you enjoy this free tutorial to make a simple heart shaped wire ring.

Wire heart ring free instructions by Lisa Yang Jewelry

It's perfect for Valentine's Day and great practice for learning to perfect making simple wire loops.

Make a Simple Wire Loop for Jewelry - Basic Wire Jewelry Technique

The simple wire loop is one of the basic building blocks for making wire jewelry.  For a beginner, it is a great way to get familiar with your tools and materials.

Make a wire loop infinity ring: Step by Step Tutorial at Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog

Making simple wire loops gives you practice to understand:

  • what size loop you get from different areas on your round nose pliers
  • how soft or hard the wire you are working with is
  • how to make perfectly centered loops
  • what size wire and loop combination will be strong enough as a connector loop for your project
  • how long the wire tail needs to be for various sized loops
 As if all of those benefits aren't enough - what makes the simple wire loop really great is that once you know it, you can actually make jewelry.  Really nice jewelry!

There are some basic wire jewelry tools you will need. And of course, you will also need wire to get started.  If you've got those, what's next?

Start by making a simple wire loop!

How To Choose Wire for Making Jewelry

Beginning to make wire wrap jewelry can mean a lot of trial and error.  There are a lot of new things to learn; what jewelry tools you need, supplies, techniques - with one of the most important being what type of wire to use for a project.

How to choose wire for your jewelry project: Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog

Choosing the right wire for your jewelry project will make a ton of difference in the amount of scrap and the way your project looks and wears in the end.  This much I tell you from experience (too much bad experience).

5 Tools Every Wire Jewelry Maker Needs

Making wire wrap jewelry doesn't require a lot of tools, but some are essential to good results.

Here's my list of must-have tools for a beginner or even an experienced jewelry maker working with wire. This is a first article in a series that I hope will help new wire jewelry makers get started on the right foot.