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January 08, 2013

Good Wire Cutter + Memory Wire = New Wire Cutter

I was cleaning out my shop yesterday and found this old pair of wire cutters.  They are at least 10 years old - probably more like 15.  But way back when, they were my 'good' wire cutters.  Memory wire bracelets had just become popular and I wanted to try my hand at them.  Yes, I knew that you should buy heavy duty wire cutters for it, but... well, ya know, sometimes you just have to find out first hand.  And so I did!

For whatever reason, these wire cutters have been kicking around for all that time in one of my boxes, but they are totally worthless.  Besides the divots in the metal, the jaws don't close evenly any more so you can't even use the good corner.  They are no longer in one of my tool boxes, but I figured I would at least share my lesson learned (the hard way).

And I never made very many memory wire bracelets either.


  1. Isn't there any way to file the edges sharp? Or is it just not worth it?

  2. They were my 'good' cutters at the time. I don't think they are worth playing with now. Plus, the join loosened from the pressure, so it wasn't just the jaws. Now if they were lindstrom's - I'd be filing away (or I would have been smart enough not to even try that in the first place!)