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March 19, 2014

Loopy: DIY Handmade Jewelry Projects with Loops

Simple Loop Wire Ring Free Tutorial by Lisa Yang Jewelry
Simple Loop Ring Free Tutorial

Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back?

I guess I took an unplanned break from my blog for the past couple of weeks to regroup.  I've still been making jewelry during my brief break, just not posting it while I was deciding what direction I wanted to explore next.

Before I jump into the next set of projects with free tutorials, I thought I'd give you a little insight into the method to my madness with respect to my jewelry making and the projects on my blog this year.

Custom Made Just For Me

Simple Loop Heart Ring Free Tutorial by Lisa Yang Jewelry
Simple Loop Heart Ring Free Tutorial
I've been making jewelry for what seems like forever - but I immediately gravitated towards certain styles and stones.

That makes perfect sense since we all like to make what we like to wear or buy. The problem though, is that I skipped over a lot of styles and techniques because they didn't fit into my style at the time.

I've worked with lots of gemstones and rosary wraps, making custom findings, metal clay, some forging, but that feels like it.

And there's soooooo much more to jewelry making.

Starting Over From the Beginning (Almost)

S Link Chain Free Tutorial, DIY by Lisa Yang Jewelry
Infinity Link Chain Free Tutorial
So, in January, I decided to step back to the land of new beginnings and pretend I was just starting out making jewelry - but with the help of my knowledge about wire and tools, and a great inventory of jewelry making supplies and beads.

All of the things I lacked the first time around.

My hope is that I can take some other jewelry making newbies on the trip with me and we can all learn something new together.

I started this year with the simplest wire technique I could think of, a simple wire loop.

Not even a centered loop, which takes a little extra effort and planning!

Simple Heart Clasp Free Tutorial, DIY by Lisa Yang Jewelry
Heart Clasp Free Tutorial
And I tried to create projects that centered around perfecting this technique, with step by step pictures so you can follow along.

The projects I published that fall into this group are shown on the right side of this post (click on the pictures to go to those posts).

Bring out the Hammer

And then, I brought out the hammer and the mallet - and that's when it seems like everything lost focus!

It must have been the noise from all that pounding!

S Link Chain with Beads Project, DIY by Lisa Yang Jewelry
Infinity Link with Beads Project
The projects with hammered wire sticks started coming fast and furious and I just kept rolling into all sorts of fun stuff, like this hammered bone link necklace, hair clips, and these flower pendants and clover clasp

I must admit, last month was very difficult personally - my mother-in-law got sick and passed away over a brief period, so that probably accounts for some of the manic approach of my projects.

You know, keep busy, don't think about it.

And it really did help me emotionally to keep focused on making my jewelry and updating my blog.

Take a Deep Breathe, and Exhale

Horseshoe Link Chain Free Tutorial Project By Lisa Yang Jewelry
Horseshoe Link Chain Free Tutorial

Ahhhhh.  And that's where I am today.

This is by no means the post I intended to write, but it felt good and so I know it's right.

I needed to take a break, breath deep, focus and decide where to go next and what to do next.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Teardrop Link handmade Chain Free Tutorial by Lisa Yang Jewelry
Teardrop Link Chain/Clasp Free Tutorial

And that is what today's post was meant to be about!  What's coming up next!

Since I feel like I've been chasing my tail and going in circles, it seems appropriate to tackle spirals and swirls.

Spiral rings, spiral charms, spiral embellishments, Egyptian coils, more custom clasps, bracelet chains, and maybe some more hair jewelry if it fits the theme.

Spiral Swirl Ring by Lisa Yang Jewelry
Spiral Swirl Ring by Lisa Yang Jewelry
I appreciate it if you read all the way to here.

I look forward to posting some great projects this month - like my fabulous spiral swirl ring that I wear every day.

Enjoy - today and every day!


  1. You're being very generous posting so many free tutorials, so I say just go in the direction that you feel like going in, it's great to be along for the ride!

    1. Thank you Wendy. I'm afraid I'm easily distracted though, so I guess I try to reign myself in and remind myself of a direction periodically. I'm glad you enjoy my blog.