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November 12, 2021

Easy Macrame Christmas Tree Ornament Instructions

 These macramé Christmas tree ornaments are super easy to whip up, and even though I show you how to make ornaments here, they are make great pendants or earrings if you use smaller cord and beads.  I like to use these tree ornaments as gift toppers. The best part, if you make macramé plant hangers, it's the perfect way to use up those smaller scraps of cord that are left over.

Macrame Christmas Ornament Project Instructions from Lisa Yang Jewelry

You only need to know one knot - a macramé square knot.  Let's get started!

If you prefer to watch how to make one, click here for a Macramé Christmas Tree Video Tutorial on YouTube

The materials I used are two pieces of left over cord from a macrame plant hanger project

The center cord is about 20 inches and the side cord is about 1 yard long. I also used what I think is a 15mm bead to top the tree - but there's tons of flexibility in what you use there. The last material I used is some scrap wire to make a wire ornament hanger.  You could also use a loop of cord instead of wire. Oh yeah - and I recommend tacky glue or other clear drying glue to secure the knots.

I used a Macrame Board by Beadsmith to hold the cords. I have had this tool for a while and haven't used it nearly enough. It really makes holding cords very easy and it is portable and convenient. (hint, hint - it would make a good Holiday present for crafters in your life).

I put the smaller cord through the bead and evened out the ends and those become my holding (center) cords. To connect the project to the macrame board, I used another scrap piece of cord through the other side of the bead. If you look at the bottom of the picture, you'll see the grooves that are all around the macrame board that are used to hold the cords in place. The macrame board holds both thin and thick cords equally as well.

Fold the longer working cord in half and attach below the bead with a square knot.

Free Macrame Christmas Tree Ornament Instructions from Lisa Yang Jewelry

To get the loops to resemble tree limbs, you are going to be be tying the rest of your knots with gaps between them. The gaps will get larger as you move down the tree.  Another reason why the macrame board was so handy is that it has grid measurements - so I didn't need to use a ruler to space out my knots.

The second knot looks like it is about 1/2 of an inch below the first, the third is 3/4 of an inch below and the fourth is more than an inch.

After the knots are tied, you push the knots up towards the first knot and bead. This forms loops that are slightly graduated in size.

You can adjust the size of the knots slightly by pulling on the loops to make adjustments. The fifth knot is about 1.5 inches below the prior knot.  

Slide the knot up and make adjustments and add one more knot about 2 inches below the prior one.  All of the measurements are approximate - but you do want to make sure the knot is even on the left and right sides so the loops are even when you push them up.

After tying the last knot, adjust all of the loops so they are graduated like a Christmas tree shape.

Trim the cord end and secure the last knot with the tacky glue. You can also use the glue on the cord ends if you don't want them to fray.

You can use a toothpick to make sure the glue gets into the spaces. Since the cord will absorb the glue, you need to really apply a good amount.

Trim the working cords and the center holding cords. If desired, you can fluff them out or separate the threads.

I used 20 gauge wire to make a quick ornament hook.  To make one like mine, put the wire through the bead leaving a couple of inches of wire to one side of the bead.

Using a round nose plier,  make a decorative spiral coil on the wire end.

Fold the wire coil over so it sits on top of the bead. This makes a decorative accent on the bead. Bend the other side of the wire over the top of the bead and straighten it up on top of the bead.

Bend a large hook that is suitable for hanging on a tree. I curl the cut edge so it can't scratch or tear through wrapping paper.

Your ornament is done and ready for your tree or gift giving.  

There are a lot of options for this design. I've made some very pretty and colorful earrings using Chinese knotting cord. Also, you can vary the bead at the top to use a star. I've wanted to try adding beads to the tree branch loops, but haven't had time for that yet. I hope you enjoy the project and come up with variations of your own.


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