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February 02, 2023

How to Make Loop De Loop Wire Hoop Earrings

 Wire hoop earrings have been my go-to wire wrap project lately. I am enjoying both making and wearing all of these fabulous wire hoop earrings.

Double looped wire hoop earrings

This week, I am adding another unique and fun wire hoop design, although it is more challenging than the loose messy coiled wire hoop earring tutorial and the small coiled wire huggie hoops design. In fact, I'm not sure I've fully mastered the technique for these - but I'm definitely on the verge of it.

Double looped pieces of wire for jewelry making

This looping design is promising for a lot more than hoop earrings. I think it is a great organic looped component that will work in dangle earrings, as a bracelet link or a pendant. And I'm almost positive, the wire shape is going to look great with gemstones and bead dangles - so this is definitely a wire design that I plan to explore and let evolve some more.

The tools and materials I used for this project are:

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The hoop earrings use a piece of 20 gauge wire about 10 inches long. I have been using brass wire - but as soon as I get a little better making the loops consistent, I will try the project with 20 gauge gold craft wire.

Centered loop on piece of wire

Start by making a centered loop with the second smallest step of the 6 step pliers (3 mm). I don't think the loop is technically necessary, I just find it easier than having a tail wire. I think the larger loop helps me keep the next levels of loops centered. Position your pliers under the loop. You are going to wrap the wire around the smallest barrel of the 6 step pliers (2 mm) to make the loops.

Making a small loop on a piece of wire

Wrap the wire around the pliers to make a loop. Make sure it is a full loop and the wire is pointing down or slightly angled to the other side.

Making a small loop on a piece of wire

Remove your pliers and position the smallest barrel on the other side of the wire, under the loop you just made.

Making a small loop on a piece of wire

Wrap the wire around the smallest barrel until the wire is pointing downward.  You will need to reposition your pliers to make the full loop for each step.

Making a small loop on a piece of wire

Continue in this manner down the length of the wire until you have enough loop de loop wire to make the size hoop you want.

Making a small loop on a piece of wire

It gets harder to keep the loops aligned and similar sizes the more you make. It's just the way it is. I think it gets easier with practice, since I am getting better at it.

Making multiple loops on a piece of wire

You can make some adjustments, but the organic feeling of the loops is what makes these earrings more interesting (I think!).

I made a jig yesterday to help me make some more consistent size and shaped loops, but it's not quite ready for prime time yet. If it works, I'll share it in a future post.  

I would use one of the jigs I purchased - except I can only find the pegs - not the jig (typical problem) and I'm not buying anything else that I already have - so until it turns up, I guess I'll get really good at making loops or make a jig. The answer is both...

A step that I'm not showing is that I hammered the looped wire on both sides lightly to work harden the wire. I will probably tumble them too - at least the brass ones. Not sure if I will tumble the craft wire ones or not - I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

2 handmade looped wire hoop earrings

One other design that helped lead me here is this simple looped hoop. The flat version and 3-D version are actually the same design - I just spread apart the loops alternating one left and one right on the 3-D version. The 3-D ones don't stand out when you're wearing them, so they're a bit of a fail, but may work with beads added. 

Similar problem with the flat hoop - it's just too plain as it is, although there are lots of possibilities to spruce it up.  It's a jewelry project for another day though.

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