Star of David Brick Stitch Beading Pattern

 At a beading play date earlier this year, my friend mentioned that there is a serious lack of jewelry that represents Judaism - especially at holiday time. I pretty much promised myself that I would make some designs to make up for that.

Free Star of David Brick Stitch Beading Pattern at Lisa Yang's Jewelry

This is the first one, a Star of David pattern done in brick stitch.

Coiled Wire Wreath, Candy Cane and Icicle Ornaments DIY

 Are you ready to trim the tree? Or do you need some quick gifts for co-workers, teachers or friends?  I've got you covered with some simple and fun ornaments made using coiled wire. The shapes in this tutorial are a wreath, candy cane and icicle.

All three shapes are based on the same simple wire technique - a wire coil.

2021 Bead and Jewelry Maker's Holiday Gift Guide

 This week, I figured I would share some of my favorite recent bead and jewelry related purchases. Who knows, maybe these are perfect gifts for someone on your list, or perfect for you to add to your holiday wish list.

First up are some favorites to help bead organized. Finding materials is a huge challenge for me since I love to buy supplies and tools. I've recently stumbled upon these hanging jewelry organizers that are perfect for storing tubes of beads, spools of thread, findings and other supplies.

Bead organizer

Easy Macrame Christmas Tree Ornament Instructions

 These macramé Christmas tree ornaments are super easy to whip up, and even though I show you how to make ornaments here, they are make great pendants or earrings if you use smaller cord and beads.  I like to use these tree ornaments as gift toppers. The best part, if you make macrame plant hangers, it's the perfect way to use up those smaller scraps of cord that are left over.

Macrame Christmas Ornament Project Instructions from Lisa Yang Jewelry

You only need to know one knot - a macrame square knot.  Let's get started!

Squid Game Invitation Card Peyote Bead Pattern

This project replicates the business card symbols from the Squid Game series on Netflix in beaded peyote strip that is suitable as a ring, bracelet or anything else you might like to make.

I tried it several different ways and have included the bead diagram and word diagram below - as well as some instructions and my variations.

Best Short Macramé Plant Hanger Instructions with Beads and Bling

 OK - I get it. Not everyone is into macramé plant hanger instructions right now.  But I am though - and my backyard is beginning to look awesome!!  More news is that I'm doing the front of the house next...

Best Short Macrame Plant Hanger with Beads Instructions

Today's project is for a similar design as my last macramé plant hanger project - but I added some beads and necklace charms to bling it out a little.  It is also shorter than the last one.

Square and Half Square Knot Macramé Plant Hanger Instructions

 Every once in a while, I like to take my jewelry making skills and super-size them to make other things around the home. Normally, I use macramé knots to make bracelets. But using the same square knots and half square knots and larger cord, it's super quick and easy to make macramé plant hangers and wall hangings.

Easy Macrame Plant Hanger Instructions

Here's my first plant hanger in quite a while and how to make it.

Easiest Way to Start Flat Brick Stitch

Flat brick stitch doesn't have to start on a base of ladder stitch? 

Easiest brick stitch start instructions by Lisa Yang Jewelry

Nope, it really doesn't. There is an easier way. 

And who knows, like me, you may have been using it for some of your projects, like brick stitch earrings, without even knowing it.

How to add Connector Rings to a Beaded Charm

 Today I'll show you how I finished the brick stitch beaded heart charm by adding rings to connect it to a cord and made it into a simple bracelet or necklace or whatever makes you happy!

Heart beaded jewelry instructions by Lisa Yang Jewelry

It's one thing to make a pretty beaded bauble, but learning how to finish them into jewelry is the next step.  Here's what I did and some lessons I've learned.

Brick Stitch Beaded Heart Charms

 Brick stitch is a perfect beadwork stitch for beginners. This heart pattern is also perfect for beginners because, in addition to practicing the basic stitch, you can learn fundamental techniques like increasing and decreasing on the beginning and ends of rows.

Brick Stitch Beaded Heart Charm Pattern and Tutorial

Brick stitch was one of the first bead stitches that I learned and it is still a favorite of mine.  In this post, I'll go over how to make these cute brick stitch heart charms and provide the pattern I used to make them. In future posts, I'll show you how to make all sorts of cute jewelry with these hearts.