July 22, 2016

Bead Storage Containers and Caddy

Welcome to my endless search for new containers to store beads.

Primarily seed beads this time, but I think these new containers are good for most small beady things including findings.

I tend to keep my delica beads in their original tubes, unless something goes wrong with the cap and they keep spilling out.  They are organized loosely by color family. (although what color family this picture is of - I can't imagine!)

July 17, 2016

Cleaning Up (Beads), Organizing (Beads), New (Bead) Projects

It would feel like I've had a break if it hasn't been for the fact that I haven't.

Let me catch you up to date!  There's been work, stuff with the kids...  And now to the beadwork and jewelry making part.

As you may (or may not) know, I've been writing for the beadwork site at about.com.  There have been a lot of changes since I joined in January 2015 with many more to come.  All of it is good, since the site really needed some re-work and it is always expected after a company is acquired.

One of the biggest changes for me personally, was being asked to shift my focus from writing new

May 7, 2016

Quick DIY: Wire Wrap Mothers Birthstone Pendant

Mother's Day is tomorrow!  Yay, a day off!

Well, not really, but I do look forward to a day to appreciate all that my Mom has done for me. And a reason to slack off and skip the laundry and cooking.

But what I also like is the opportunity to make some pretty gifts for my friends who are such terrific Moms.  And that's what I did most of this week.

This is an example of one of the Mothers pendants I made. They have sections for each of their children's birthstones.  I like to think they are a little more special than the store bought versions.

April 26, 2016

Getting Started with Viking Knit

I've missed working with wire lately.

Beads are fun and colorful, but the sheer volume can be a little overwhelming at times.  So many choices - size, shape, color, finish, etc.

With wire, silver, copper and gold colored are pretty much the decisions I have to make.  And I need to decide the gauge too - but that decision is usually made by the project I decide to make.

And the type of wire is typically decided by what I'm making as well.  Is it something that I've never tried before? Then I use copper or brass because it is inexpensive and I have oodles of it.

Is it something that works better with soft wire? Then copper it is.  That was easy!

This week, I decide to try making Viking knit chain - something I've never tried before. I really haven't done very much wire weaving at all, so this was definitely a little stretch for me.

Is there ever a bad time to learn Viking knit?  I don't think so and I'm sure the Vikings would agree.

April 14, 2016

Holding Tubular Beadwork - Cellini Spiral

I seem to be beading a lot of tubes and spirals lately.  The latest is this Cellini Spiral, which is a nice way to say tubular peyote with graduated sized beads.

It is fabulous though.  A bit of a marvel to look at, and surprising easy to create (the way beadwork should always be, in my opinion!)

It's been challenging trying the various tubular beadwork techniques, but the hardest part for me is maintaining tension and getting the tube started. For the first couple of rounds, it's hard to tell which row is which and the beadwork wants to go in a circle outward instead of a tube upward.  I think I've finally met the challenge and won though.