July 15, 2015

Best Uses for the 1 Step Looper Tool

Stake a Claim

After my last post comparing using the 1 step looper and traditional jewelry making pliers to make a rosary style chain, I realized the one step looper probably has some flaws that failed to surface in my test.

Thank you for your comments that made me dig a little deeper and try a few more things with the looper tool.

Information on which wire and which size beads work best with the Beadsmith 1 step looper tool: Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog

In reviews I've read of the Beadsmith 1-Step Looper Pliers , I often see that the tool failed to close the wire loops sufficiently.  But as you can see by my eye pins example above - it didn't seem to be that much of a problem for me.

So - what's the deal-io?

July 11, 2015

Rosary Style Bracelet: 1 Step Looper Vs. Pliers

Loop De Loop

I love getting new tools - especially one that could potentially replace the use of so many other tools - like the Beadsmith 1-Step Looper Pliers .

OK - so it's not exactly a brand new tool on the market.  It came out a couple of years ago and it was so hot for a while it was really hard to get your hands on one. The reviews I initially heard weren't very good. But now that demand has settled and they are in stock - I decided it was time for me to get one.

Materials used with the 1 step looper pliers to make a bracelet - only one tool?!

My approach for this, is to do a direct comparison of making a simple loop wire bracelet using the standard wire jewelry making tools and one using the 1 step looper. In case you are wondering - I purchased the tool - it was not provided by Beadsmith.

One more thing I should tell you - I hate making simple loops. I find them much more time consuming to make than wrapped loops and I think they are less secure. So, there's a slight bias towards not liking simple loops before I start this process.

June 27, 2015

DIY Miguel Ases Style: Finding a Good Center Bead

Getting to the center of things

So you want to make Miguel Ases style jewelry?  Yeah, me too.  Not sure where to start?  Ah, then I guess I might be able to help.

Since most Miguel Ases designs are done in circular brick stitch, it makes sense to start in the middle, or dead center, which in circular brick stitch is also the beginning.

Here are a few spacer beads - the type of bead I often use as the center.  But some of these are going to work better than others - so I'll show you what to look for.

June 25, 2015

Summer Style: Beaded Hair Tie How To

Pony Up

If you haven't noticed - it's getting really, really hot outside! Southern California weather is a dream most of the year except for a couple of summer months when temperatures can soar over one hundred degrees. But it's a dry heat

Today's jewelry making project is hair jewelry - one of my favorites - all about keeping your cool and style at the same time. I've also made wire hair barrettes, but these elastic ones are so convenient to keep around.

I almost always have a hair band on my my wrist - and you have to admit, this looks much nicer than a plain old rubber band. And it's not that hard to make!

June 15, 2015

Knotted and Macrame Necklace: $6 Bead Challenge

Knot working right

It's one of those days. 

Great ideas but nothing seems to be coming out exactly right. But there's enough bright spots to put them out there while I'm doing some re-work on the details.

One thing I especially like is this accent on the macrame bracelet. It's brick stitch with 15/0 beads on the macrame cord.