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April 28, 2017

Adjustable Double Spiral Ring Tutorial

This wire ring tutorial is quickly made and the instructions are not as exact as they normally are.  But, the ring was also quickly made, so it only seems appropriate that the tutorial be the same.

But - I really do like this ring.  It's super comfortable, adjustable and I think the basic design can be morphed in some interesting ways.

The ring uses 18g copper wire - and I'm guessing I started with about 8 inches of wire.  I had some scraps of wire lying next to me from making one of these hanging bead and wire plant or candle holders, so that was where the ring got its start.  I was just playing.

Start by bending the wire in half about two inches from one end and folding it tight.  It will make a U in the wire.

Then starting at the folded edge of the wire, wrap the wire around a ring mandrel at approximately the size you would like the ring to be.

Your wire should look somewhat like the picture above.

Use your pliers to fold the straight piece of wire the same way.  You want the two folds to overlap slightly.  This makes the ring shank and the overlap is also what makes the ring adjustable.

Trim the wire tail so it is anywhere from 1.25 to 2 inches long - measuring from the U shaped bend.  

Then make a wire spiral with the wire tail.  Make sure you are turning away from the center of the ring.  You can be as precise and tight or organic and freeform as suits you with the spiral.  The link will take you to instructions on how to create a wire spiral if you are not familar with the technique or need a refresher.

Repeat  the steps to make a wire spiral with the other side of the wire.

Return the ring to your mandrel and make size adjustments as necessary.  I also like to place the coils on my bench block and hammer them slightly.  This will work harden the wire and flatten the coils slightly.

I also like to put the rings in the tumbler with some steel shot when I am done.  It gives the rings a nice polish and makes everything hard but pretty.

The first ring I made had slightly smaller and more even spirals.  I think they started with about 1.5 inches of wire.  It's a great ring for middle or index fingers - and it even works on my thumb.

I wouldn't even rule out the design in a toe ring - maybe in 20g wire though.

When I made this ring, I expected to see that this is one of those 'common' ring designs.  It is two wire spirals after all - but when I googled it, the designs I saw didn't use the folds in the middle of the ring.

Of course, that's the part that I think makes this design interesting.  It makes the band slightly more substantial and I think it helps keep the spiral straight on your finger as opposed to angled (of course, you can always shift them how you like!).

I also think it could be the basis for a nice adjustable band with the folds in the back of the ring.

I hope you don't have too much trouble figuring out the right measurements for this project and enjoy playing with this design.

herringbone wire wrave earrings - free tutorial

Since I wrote a new herringbone wire wrap tutorial, I've been playing a little more.  This variation adds beads after the first round of wire wraps.  Using silver base and gold colored wrapping wire with light color beads, it's a very elegant and pretty combination.  I added sterling earwires.  They need dangles of some sort from the bottom loop, but I'll do that this weekend.

The tutorial for the herringbone with beads option is now available.  Yay!

But, there's more...

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  1. Love your ring, I have just started with wire after beading and bead looming, going to make this ring now if it works out I will give it to my Gran daughter.
    Thank you Catherine