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May 07, 2014

Wish Bracelet Charms, Card and Poem, DIY

What is a Wish Bracelet?

A wish bracelet is very simple; a nice piece of cord, a couple of beads and, in my case, a handmade wire charm.  This post has a free tutorial  to make a wishbone charm bracelet.

Heart charm wish bracelet by Lisa Yang Jewelry

The bracelet is magic.

You make a wish, tie the bracelet on and wear it all the time.  Eventually, the cord will wear thin and the bracelet will fall off.  That is when your wish may come true.

Selling Your Jewelry with Good Packaging

This is one of those products where the packaging and presentation is key to making the sale.  Your customer needs to understand:

  • Why is the cord so thin?  Because it's meant to break
  • Why are the decorations and charm so simple?  Because they are meant to be lost.
  • How come there's no clasp?  Because it is meant to be tied or knotted on.
  • In order to gain something of value (your wish), sometimes you need to lose something of value (your bracelet)
Yes - I made up that last one, but don't think I haven't said it to help along a sale!

Add a Poem to Your Wish Bracelet Cards

To convey the idea behind the wish bracelet, I add a poem to my card.  If you search for wish bracelets, you'll find many similar poems and ideas.

Lucky wishbone charm wish bracelet, DIY, Lisa Yang Jewelry

I suggest you try to make up your own - it's fun to do... although my daughter just informed me she doesn't like my last line.

I suggested she make a poem and I would be happy to use it.  I'm pretty sure she's happy with mine now.

Add a Sprinkle of Fairy Dust

Wishes are like magic.  You're really pretty sure they're not real, but you really want to believe in it anyway.

To add magic to my bracelet cards, I use shimmery card stock with some embedded pixie dust sparkles.

Making the Wish Jewelry Display Cards

One thing I recommend when you design and print your wish jewelry cards is to add a small dot where you want the holes to be.  Otherwise, you need to add them with a ruler and pen later - and it is such an unnecessary and time consuming chore.

Versatile punch for cards, metals, leather at Lisa Yang's Jewelry blog

I made about one hundred of these bracelets for Sweet 16 favors and the cards were printed by the person who did the invitations - with no hole marks!  Ugh!  So, I learned that the hard way.

Finding the Right Hole Punch

I used my Pliers-Style Leather Hole Punch to make the holes on the card to thread the cord ends of the bracelet through.

I love this tool and use it for holes in almost everything, including metal - like in the wire bones project. I really like using it for display cards because of the precision.

The hole size is adjustable from micro tiny to small (0.4mm to 1.2mm) but the disk prevents the size of the hole from ever being larger than you intended.

The pointy end allows you to align the spot where you want to make the hole with better precision than a normal paper hole punch.

I wish I could say this punch has a better reach than a paper punch - but I think it's about the same.  It can make a hole up to 1 inch from the edge of the paper.

Another option is to cut notches in the cards and slide the cord in the slit.  I've tried that, but had bad luck with the bracelets coming out of the notch.  That can make your display look messy.

Backside of Wish bracelet cards, DIY, Lisa Yang Jewelry

On the back of the card, I use a little tape to hold the cord flat.  They stay very nice and don't tangle.

Wish Charm Design Tip

I love trying to come up with new charm designs - but it's not as easy as it looks.

Horseshoe charm Wish bracelet, DIY, Lisa Yang Jewelry

The bracelet cord is thin, and to prevent the charm from being lost before the bracelet falls off, I like to make sure the loop attaching the charm is solid.

I don't often use jump rings to attach the charms.  The horse shoe and wishbones work well, but the heart was more of a design challenge.

Assorted handmade wire charm Wish bracelets, DIY, Lisa Yang Jewelry

Good luck making and selling some wish bracelets of your own.

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  1. what kind of cardstock do you use to make the cards themselves?

    1. I used this pretty shimmer paper that comes in a package with both gold and silver from Michaels. It is available in stores or online here:

  2. What kind of cardstock do you use for the cards themselves?

  3. Hi,
    Is there a specific string you use?

    1. These use C-Lon macrame cord. Another pretty cord might be Simply Silk size F. It's super supple and shiny.

    2. My bracelets turned out really well! I actually used waxed string and embroidery floss, but it still looks really well! Then, I'm using these cute, silver, thin beads with pretty, simple designs on them. they're about 1/16th of a penny, so they're very small. But i was all sold out! Really inspiring article, thank you! :)