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December 16, 2015

Christmas Bead Projects

Beaded Ornaments, Garlands and Wreaths

I always try to make a bead design for the holidays. That applies to most holidays - but definitely for Christmas.

Last year, I made bead and wire tree ornaments.This year, when I pulled out my handmade ornaments and put them on the tree, I loved them even more than when I made them. This one really surprised me when I saw it. Probably because I totally forgot about making it.

The picture doesn't do it justice. It's prettier with light coming through it.

But, that isn't what today's post is about.  It's about this year's Christmas project - a pretty beaded garland bracelet and a beaded wreath (that I'm still working on).

November 20, 2015

DIY Wire Napkin Rings and Glass Charms

Yup!  Lots of wire today - no jewelry.  And it's been oh-so-fun!

Because I also threw in some shrink plastic (shrinky-dinks to folks of my generation) - and who doesn't love watching that plastic curl and shrivel!

This will be one of those times I hope all of my friends don't subscribe to my blog because I will definitely be giving a few of these as gifts.

November 11, 2015

5 DIY Jewelry Projects with Handmade Wire Hoops

One thing I love to explore is taking a relatively simple design and seeing how many variations I can come up with.  Like these U shaped wire beading frames for example.

I started with the design for this necklace.  There is a free tutorial to make the U shaped wire frame and another tutorial to add the beads to the frame.  I knew when I made the necklace that this same design would look great as earrings.

October 21, 2015

Making Wire Leaves

Or should I say that I'm trying to make wire leaves.  I could just title them leaf-like wire shapes, but then no one would ever find them in searchin google.

I intended to make leaves, so that's what I'll call them.  I'm not sure I'm fully satisfied with them yet, but like most things I make, I usually have to let it sit for a day or two to see the merits of the design (or lack of...)

In case you are interested in making similar wire leave shapes, I'll walk through how I made them.

October 13, 2015

DIY Spiral Post Earwires

DIY Spiral Post Earwires

As promised, a quick tutorial to make these pretty wire spiral post earwires.

These are pretty easy to make and can be worn the way that they are as earrings, but I'm not usually that simple in my earrings and tend to add a dangle - even if it's simple a gemstone bead on a headpin (or a series of them!)

September 25, 2015

Stringing (and Crimping) a Multi-Strand Bracelet

Do you ever plan your jewelry projects around a particular component or tool? I definitely do.

Today, I made a triple strand moonstone bracelet. I've been dying to use more of these moonstones - but mostly, I need to test out the holding power of crimps secured using my new Om Tara Crimp Pliers.

September 24, 2015

Crimp Pliers - Om Tara vs. Standard Crimping

Crimping... My Style

I've mentioned in the past that jewelry crimping - i.e. using crimp pliers to secure crimp tubes to bead stringing wire, is not my favorite jewelry making activity. 

As a matter of fact, I'm far more likely to use crimp pliers to make paddle headpins than I am to use them to actually secure crimps.

But that may be about to change!! I finally got my Om Tara crimp pliers - and I think they may be as great as one of my jewelry making friends insisted they are.

September 16, 2015

How to Make Gemstone Bead Pendants With Artistic Wire Wrappers

Using Artistic Wire Wrapper Components

This weekend, I was playing with the Wrappers wire frames from Beadalon again. If you've never heard of Artistic Wire Wrappers, they are jewelry pendant frames with notches in the edges to securely hold the wire wraps in place.

Honestly, I didn't think it was much of a big deal until I realized how difficult it is to make some wire and bead pendant styles without the notches.

September 11, 2015

Two Methods to Wire Wrap Undrilled Stones and Crystals

Wire wrapping beach glass, shells, polished stones from a vacation or a rough stone picked up along a hike is a great way to make a pendant or other jewelry to remember a special place. This works for crystals too!

The following 2 wire techniques are very pretty and EASY ways to wrap undrilled stones - rough or polished.

August 25, 2015

DIY Miguel Ases Style Bead Charm with Crystal Center

Adding Crystal Chatons to Circular Brick Stitch

I decided I should get better at finishing what I've started. Yes - I'm in one of those moods. 

Yesterday, I posted a a free tutorial to make this beaded circle charm with crystal center, which happens to be the same charm that I made to go with the slinky layering ladder stitch bracelet tutorial, which happens to be a charm that is based on the amazing Miguel Ases beaded jewelry.

But, wouldn't you know, I hadn't taken the final step of putting the bracelet and charm all together. It was just waiting in limbo... and was pretty soon destined for the *UFO box.

August 21, 2015

Making Paddle Headpins with Crimping Pliers

Crimping, my Style

Crimping is my nemesis.  Sometimes I get the hang of it, but it's always hit and miss, and that's never a good feeling when you're making jewelry.  But, that doesn't stop me from using my Bead Crimp Tool... for other things!!

One thing I love to use it for is to make paddle head pins.  They are so easy with this tool! Today, I'll show you how I make and use paddle pins made with my crimp tool.

August 15, 2015

Making Ladder Stitch Bracelets

Finishing Ladder Stitch

Sheesh - I can't even believe I was worried about how to finish the ladder stitched bracelet I made the other day. Sometimes, it's the easiest things that can elude me.  Luckily I slept on it and...

Ta-da.  My nice little group of ladder stitched projects are all done! Finishing ladder stitch was so easy!

August 12, 2015

Ladder Stitch: More Than a Beading Foundation Stitch

Ladder Stitch - Beyond the Base Stitch

Do you use ladder stitch?  I've used it often - but always as a starter stitch.  It works great as a the base row for brick stitch.

Oddly enough, this week I took another look at ladder stitch as a real stitch to make something from.  It actually wasn't my intent to use ladder stitch.  I started with peyote - but it just wasn't working... as you'll soon see.

This is a bracelet design I have been wanting to make for a long time - simple beaded links. I can think of a lot of different ways I'd like to use them.

August 07, 2015

Making Wire Wrap Bead Chains

Do you ever wonder how or why you keep circling back to old favorites? Favorite foods, favorite books, favorite places... favorite bead techniques.

That is me and wire wrapped bead chains.  When I first got hooked on wire jewelry, bead chain bracelets was one of the first things that I made and started selling. They look great stacked together or with other bracelets.  I haven't made any in quite a while, but had to revisit how to make wire wrapped bead chain for the hand chain bracelet tutorial I made last week.

And guess what?

July 15, 2015

Best Uses for the 1 Step Looper Tool

What the 1-Step Looper Does Best

After my last post comparing using the 1 step looper and traditional jewelry making pliers to make a rosary style chain, I realized the one step looper probably has some flaws that failed to surface in my test.

Thank you for your comments that made me dig a little deeper and try a few more things with the looper tool.

Information on which wire and which size beads work best with the Beadsmith 1 step looper tool: Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog

In reviews I've read of the Beadsmith 1-Step Looper Pliers , I often see that the tool failed to close the wire loops sufficiently.  But as you can see by my eye pins example above - it didn't seem to be that much of a problem for me.

So - what's the deal-io?

July 11, 2015

Rosary Style Bracelet: 1 Step Looper Vs. Pliers

Comparing the 1-Step Looper and Round Nose Pliers

I love getting new tools - especially one that could potentially replace the use of so many other tools - like the Beadsmith 1-Step Looper Pliers .

OK - so it's not exactly a brand new tool on the market.  It came out a couple of years ago and it was so hot for a while it was really hard to get your hands on one. The reviews I initially heard weren't very good. But now that demand has settled and they are in stock - I decided it was time for me to get one.

Materials used with the 1 step looper pliers to make a bracelet - only one tool?!

My approach for this, is to do a direct comparison of making a simple loop wire bracelet using the standard wire jewelry making tools and one using the 1 step looper. In case you are wondering - I purchased the tool - it was not provided by Beadsmith.

One more thing I should tell you - I hate making simple loops. I find them much more time consuming to make than wrapped loops and I think they are less secure. So, there's a slight bias towards not liking simple loops before I start this process.

June 27, 2015

DIY Miguel Ases Style: Finding a Good Center Bead

Finding Spacer Beads for Ases Style Brick Stitch

So you want to make Miguel Ases style jewelry?  Yeah, me too.  Not sure where to start?  Ah, then I guess I might be able to help.

Since most Miguel Ases designs are done in circular brick stitch, it makes sense to start in the middle, or dead center, which in circular brick stitch is also the beginning.

Here are a few spacer beads - the type of bead I often use as the center.  But some of these are going to work better than others - I'll show you what to look for.

June 25, 2015

Summer Style: Beaded Hair Tie How To

Pony Up With DIY Bead Embroidered Hair Ties

If you haven't noticed - it's getting really, really hot outside! Southern California weather is a dream most of the year except for a couple of summer months when temperatures can soar over one hundred degrees. But it's a dry heat

Today's jewelry making project is hair jewelry - one of my favorites - all about keeping your cool and style at the same time. I've also made wire hair barrettes, but these elastic ones are so convenient to keep around.

I almost always have a hair band on my my wrist - and you have to admit, this looks much nicer than a plain old rubber band. And it's not that hard to make!

June 15, 2015

Knotted and Macrame Necklace: $6 Bead Challenge

Knot working right

It's one of those days. 

Great ideas but nothing seems to be coming out exactly right. But there's enough bright spots to put them out there while I'm doing some re-work on the details.

One thing I especially like is this accent on the macrame bracelet. It's brick stitch with 15/0 beads on the macrame cord.

June 12, 2015

Rectangle Stone Beads - $6 Jewelry Design Challenge

They're here...

Yup, this month's bead order has arrived.  Mainly staples - more seed bead colors, some thread I'd like to try, an assortment or two.  There are always a few impulse buys - things that could go either way.  They could be really cool - or just flat out blah.

Of course, impulse buys are almost always on sale. 3 strands, $2 each makes this month's impulse a $6 investment - thus my $6 Jewelry Design Challenge in the title.

June 06, 2015

Brick Stitch Daisy Flower DIY

If at first you don't succeed

Two for the scrap heap yesterday, one to keep.  But that was a good day!  In the end, I did come up with a design that I'm happy with and one that will make some fantastic jewelry.

Here's my brick stitch daisy flower.  I'm pretty sure the design will translate to other colors and bead shapes - but even if it doesn't, this is pretty fun.  Here's how I got there.

June 03, 2015

Combining Bead Embroidery and Brick Stitch Beadwork

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Who knew when I started dabbling in bead embroidery that it would bring me back to my favorite beading stitch - brick stitch?

As I mentioned in my post on Getting Started with Bead Embroidery, my previous bead embroidery works involved covering stains on clothing, not making jewelry.

Here's my latest bauble.  It is a flat shell cabachon, glued to stiff felt backing, with a back stitch bead embroidered bezel (sand color).

May 29, 2015

Adding Beaded Decor to Your Garden and Landscape

Gonna Be a Bright Sun Shine-y Day

I have been wanting to add some beads to my outdoor patio and garden area for a while now.  I mean - why should that area be left out?! Lord knows, there are beads almost everywhere else in the house! And by that, I am saying that there are tons of beads in my carpet.  That counts - right?

Free tutorials to make a garden wind chime and sun catchers using beads, glass gems and embossed foil hearts: Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog

These projects gave me the perfect opportunity to use the embossed copper foil hearts I made the other day. Plus just a few glass beads from my stash. 

I came up with two different designs and created step by step instructions for all of it.

May 26, 2015

Using Copper Embossing Foil and Beads in Jewelry Making

Foiled Again

Today is something a little different - part of a larger project that I am hoping to get done by the weekend.

How to use aluminum and copper foil sheets for bead and jewelry making craft projects

I am working with thin sheets of Copper and Aluminum Embossing or Tooling Foil. This is very fun stuff to work with and I have fond memories of using it in art class in elementary school.

May 24, 2015

Getting Started with Bead Embroidery

Sew, what's new with you?

Bead embroidery is not new to me.  I used to do it quite a bit when I was in college - more to embellish clothing than to make jewelry. It works wonders to cover stains. (I kid you not).

But, of course, everything is different when you decide you really want to learn how to do it the right way. That means identifying the materials, tools, techniques, etc.  Apparently, you can't just stitch your beads to an old t-shirt to make bead embroidery jewelry.

So, that's where I'm at right now - starting over and trying to do things the right way my own way while considering what the generally recommended way of doing it is.

Yes, that's the truth.  I just have trouble accepting point blank what I read and I'll just have to find out myself.  And I also hate it when there are supplies I need that I can't buy in the store. Here's where I'm at with bead embroidery materials so far...

May 21, 2015

4 Cool Tools for Wire Workers and Jewelry Makers

Climbing the Ladder

Some time ago, I wrote about what I thought were the 5 essential tools you need to make wire jewelry. Those are truly what I think you need to get started. It's your initial investment in learning how to make wire jewelry.

But the reality is - you will only get so far with those basic tools. And you'll get so much more enjoyment from making jewelry if you slowly invest in a few more that will help you make things faster and better.  That's what this post is about - the tools you should consider buying next and why they are important.

April 30, 2015

DIY Bird's Nest Birthstone Pendant Jewelry For Mothers

Are you my Mother?

Do you remember that book - Are You My Mother?   It was one of my favorites. About a confused baby bird looking for his mother.

It came to mind while I was making this wire nest pendant with birthstones for Mother's Day. The book doesn't seem to be that popular now since I had difficulty finding it on Amazon. (*Note that I had difficulty finding the Original version - they've put out a simplified version for younger readers). 

Wire nest with birthstones for Mother: DIY instructions

Here's my Mother's Nest - with birthstones for March (Aquamarine), October (Opal) and December (Turquoise).  Lots of blue.  I wish I had some appropriate Pink Peruvian opal since the pink would have been a nice contract - and the October birthday is for a girl - but I don't.

I tried to make my nest a little different than most of the ones I've seen.  Did you notice?

April 26, 2015

Using Circular Brick Stitch Components for Earrings

What's Next?

Hopefully, once I published my circular brick stitch tutorial you were so inspired that you stayed up all night making a few.

You can lie - I'll never know.

Assuming you did, you're probably wondering what the heck do I do with all of these gorgeous beaded circles?

Ah - well, here's an idea.  Add a few more beads, a little more brick stitch, some french ear wires and you've got these great earrings.

April 23, 2015

Busy with Brick Stitch: New Tutorials

Busy Bee

Whew - I have been busy lately! Real work and well - yes, playing with beads too. It's all good. I'm thankful for the job (this week) and always thankful to have lots and lots of beads to play with.

This week I've published two new free tutorials. It's really some ground that I've covered before - circular brick stitch - but Destiny made me do it.

April 11, 2015

Daisy and Peyote Stitch Ring

I guess I'm almost daisied out.  I spent the week trying to perfect a few designs and generally playing with the shape.  That was when I had free time - which I didn't have very much of thanks to returning to work after a week off and it officially being baseball/softball season again.

In the end, I made a tutorial for these sweet little rings that combine a thin peyote band with a beaded daisy flower design. I guess it may be hard to tell that both are the exact same design - just a variation on the center bead and number of petals.

April 06, 2015

Daisy Chain Sampler and Variations

Flower Power

Did you miss me?  I took my laptop with me on spring break, but I only opened it once and decided it was better to take a break from technology for a little bit.  I didn't take a break from beading though, so I have a few things to get caught up on.

I decided seed beads travel better than wire so that's what the next few projects will be. And since it's finally spring, I opted for flowers.

March 21, 2015

Modernizing Macrame with Large Hole Beads

1970 called, they want their plant hanger back

I know exactly what I was thinking when I started this project - a spiral macrame band for big holed beads would be perfect.  It will hold the beads in place, it can still be interchangeable, and it will be casually cool. Win, win, win.

Links to free tutorial to make a macrame bracelet for large hole beads and tool for macrame knotting: Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog

And it is all that.  But making it, was a little more involved than I anticipated.  Lucky for you, I worked it all out.

March 18, 2015

Faux Cloisonné with Polymer Clay


As long as the polymer clay is cluttering up my table this week, I decided to play with it a little more. I've made a few more polymer clay molds and made more polymer clay Thai Buddhist amulets, but the excitement is wearing off. Apparently one lifetime making amulets was enough for me.

How to make faux cloisonne using this chain and polymer clay - free tutorial at Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog

I noticed this great metal chain with flower medallions in my stash and the lightbulb went on.  How fab would that look with some polymer clay inset into it?

March 14, 2015

Finishing Polymer Clay Amulets

As I was making my own clay amulets from the polymer clay molds I made, I couldn't help but wonder if I was an amulet maker in a former life.

I was having entirely too much fun.  And look at this pile of goodies! All Lisa Yang originals. Here are some of the details on how I made them.

March 11, 2015

Making a Mold from Polymer Clay

They broke the mold when they made you

There's was a lot of interest in the Thai Buddhist Amulets that I got at the swap meet, so I did what any industrious jewelry maker does - I decided to see if I could make more.

I've made a few molds in the past - mainly for working with metal clay.  Those molds were made from two part flexible molding compound.  Fun stuff to work with, but I felt like trying to make something quick last night.  I went with polymer clay molds instead.

It works.  So, I made more.

March 09, 2015

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Have faith

The title of this post could be Sunday Shopping at the Swap Meet, but would that be as interesting?The good news though? Either way - the title is accurate.

Thai religious amulets: Phra Pitta

I like religious amulets, talismans, and good luck charms of all kinds.  They fascinate me. I want to believe that they can bring me protection or good fortune.

I also like the imagery and enjoy the hunt to figure out what they mean and how they are used. But mostly, it's the magic I'm looking for.

Yesterday, I happened on a man with a good sized box of amulets from a Thai temple.  There was nothing nice about their display, or how they were stored - just a plastic storage bin with a layer of stone amulets that I decided looked interesting enough to pick through.  Isn't that the perfect way to find something incredibly valuable at the swap meet *? 

* For the non-Californians among you - the swap meet is the same as a flea market, cousin to the rummage sale or block sale, and the outdoor version of the thrift store.

March 05, 2015

Brick Stitch Baseball Pattern

Take me out to the ballgame

Yes!  It's that time of the year.  Baseball (and softball) season is finally here! 

It's the high school season that I'm all jazzed up for. There's nothing better than sitting my butt on a bleacher seat where it's guaranteed to be either too cold, too hot, too windy, or too sunny and watching your kids do what they love. (yup - totally serious!)

I always want some fan gear for the games - and jewelry is more my style than the team emblazoned t-shirts, so this year I decided to make a little something-something.

It's still a work in-progress, so no laughing.  And to be fair, I wouldn't have had to resort to figuring out how to make this if someone else had published a pattern for me to find on the internet.

Ta Da!  It does look like a baseball right?  Well, here's the pattern  - which I did on free bead graph paper from Fusion Beads.

February 26, 2015

DIY: Interchangeable Stretch Bracelets with Infinity Clasp

And switch

This is a work in progress.  Not at all my original intent.  One of those, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade type of things.  But I think it has a lot of promise.

It all starts with this free tutorial on how to make your own hook and eye clasps.  Naturally, I'd like to show you how to make fancier clasps, so I made this S clasp.

handmade infinity S clasp by Lisa Yang Jewelry

Since you don't know the size of my rock, I'll tell you that it's an infinitely large infinity clasp.  Slight exagerration, but just under two inches long.  But I really like it.  So it has sat next to me for a week while I considered my options. 

A multi-strand anything will look nice in it - and I think it's one of those clasps that begs to be seen instead of hidden in the back.  So, what to do?!

February 20, 2015

How to Make a Hook and Eye Clasp and Pliers Comparison

This post is about how to make a hook and eye clasp.  In particular, it's about making a hook and eye clasp with my new Lindstrom RX Plier and Cutter Set!  That is my newest set of tools and I'm so excited to get started using them.

That means the projects are a little bit more focused on the pliers right now. Mostly, I would like to see for myself if the age old jewelry making wisdom of buying the best tools you can afford is true.

So, here's the first project that I unleashed the new pliers on - making hooks for hook and eye clasps.

My personal opinion is that learning to make your own findings is one of the best things you can do - no matter what type of jewelry you make (i.e. stringing, bead weaving or wire wrapped).  Especially if you have any plans to sell your jewelry. 

February 18, 2015

Should You Buy The Best Jewelry Making Tools You Can Afford?

If I told you once

It could be the golden rule of jewelry making. It's advice often given to beginners just starting out.  I read it weekly in blogs, groups and magazines.  

Buy the best tools you can afford.  

I've always been skeptical of this advice. I should tell you that I'm naturally skeptical of most advice though.  I'm pretty much one of those find it out for myself kind of people. (But at least I understand why my kids don't always listen.)

So, here I am many, many. many years into my jewelry making career (I'm trying not to overstate this to protect my youthful image - but it has been a loooong time), and I have finally taken the plunge.

(insert angels singing).  Here they are:

February 14, 2015

Brick Stitch Around the Inside and Outside of a Circle Link

Brick Stitched Circle

Have you ever had one of those things you always want to try, but it looks hard or you haven't quite figured it out so you keep waiting on it?

This brick stitch project was like that for me. In my mind, it always seemed like it was going to be difficult to get the beads on both the inside and the outside of the ring.  But then I finally tried it - and it's not!!

February 12, 2015

How to Make a Diamond Shape Wire Frame For Beading

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

If you've been following my blog, you know how much I like to use wire frames as a base for my beading creations.  I find it supports a variety of beading techniques - using either thread or wire.

Today I've worked up a tutorial to show you how to make a diamond or square frame.  In this case a diamond is a square turned to hang at the angle instead of a side.

Harlequin diamond beaded pendant: free tutorial

Here is the finished harlequin beaded diamond pendant (and yes -there's a tutorial for for adding the beads to the frame too!)

February 08, 2015

DIY Chan Luu Style Triple Beaded Link Earrings

Quick change

Brick stitch beaded wheels - in New England Patriots colors

When I made these superbowl team color earrings, I thought they were silly - just something to wear to the superbowl party and flaunt my team colors.  I love that I can whip up something quick for an event.

But, when you look beyond the bright team colors, the design has promise to be much more.

I saw this pair of earrings by Chan Luu (on my Pinterest board) and it shows that beaded links could be much more glamorous and fabulous.

February 06, 2015

How to Make Beaded Tassel Earrings

How hard can it be?

Maybe this should be called How Not To Make Beaded Tassel Earrings.

You know how there's always an easy way to do something and the hard way?  Well, I think I tried every way imaginable with these earrings!

How cute are these?! Free tutorial to make long shoulder duster tassel earrings: Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog

I expected they would be soooo simple. What could be difficult about a beaded tassle for gosh sakes?

Especially since I already knew what the key was to making them swing and hang properly.  I mean, once you know that, it should be a snap - right?

January 29, 2015

4 New Free Brick Stitch Beading Projects

Busy bee

Well, it's been a busy week!  My first week of publishing on the website as their new beadwork expert.  It's very exciting, but so much to learn!  

I'll still be publishing my personal website in addition to frequently updating the beadwork site.  My guess is that you will be more likely to find wire projects here and stitching projects there, but there will be crossover in both places.

What's new?

Besides the new publishing home, I have several new free projects to share with you!  

All brick stitch, because that is one of my favorites and I think it is super easy to learn.

January 23, 2015

How to Wrap Beads to the Outside of a Wire Frame, Free Tutorial

One of the simplest ways to embellish wire is to add beads - either by adding beads directly onto the wire shape or by wrapping beads around the wire.

Today, I'll show you one of the ways that I add beads to the outside of a wire frame like I did with this mixed metal wire heart pendant.

January 14, 2015

DIY Beaded Heart Frame Necklace Pendant

Hard (heart) knocks

I think I'm Ms. Smarty Pants because I figured out how to make multiple heart shaped wire frames at once.  And then, guess what?  

I met my match... And it's name is brass.

Brass knuckles

I guess you should be able to figure out that brass is pretty hard when they make implements designed to hurt people, like brass knuckles, from it.  

So, when I tried to bend 4 pieces of 18g brass wire just like I did with the 18g copper wire - do you know what I got?  Depressed - lol.  

Actually - I  got four pieces of wire that look like the left side of the picture, when what I wanted is four nice shapely hearts like the one on the right.

And the solution for situations like these?  Well, there are a couple. (And, if I include Margaritas, there's more than a couple)...

January 10, 2015

Free Tutorial: Channel Set Garnet Rondelle Wire Wrap Hoop Earrings

DIY Garnet Hoops

Year of Jewelry 2015 progress update: 2 weeks down, 50 to go...

The theme for this week is garnet, which happens to be the birthstone for all of you January babies.

I love garnets, and with all of the wire hearts I've been making, the idea of deep red garnets wrapped in gold really appealed to me.  I don't know where the rest of the design came from, but I can (and will) show you how I made them.

January 07, 2015

More Wire Heart Jewelry Designs From Free Heart Tutorial

Decisions, decisions

Since I discovered I can make four of these wire heart frames at once, I've got a whole bunch of wire heart frames on hand.

And I'm having the time of my life thinking of ways to decorate all of them!

Here's the batch from last night.

First up, a lacy heart that reminds me of a doily or Valentine's Day candy box.